Cash Payouts for Lottery Winnings & Settlements

Lottery annuities and time-based payments from structured settlements do not always work for everyone.

We understand this. We’re and for 11 years we have specialized in offering cash payouts for lottery winnings and settlements. Request a Free Quote.

Now you can choose alternative cash flow funding that best suits your financial needs and goals and be free of the restrictions imposed by disbursement schedules from a lottery settlement.

If you are about to receive or are currently receiving annuity payments from a lottery settlement and do not want to wait out your terms, we can help.

We offer cash for deferred payments from lottery annuities and settlements. Choose:

  1. A lump sum cash payout for all or just a portion of your future payments
  2. Or choose a more flexible deferred payment disbursement plan

A 20 to 30 year lottery settlement disbursement schedule will see the value of your future lottery installment payments become significantly less. A cash payout or advanced funding with a more conservative series of larger-than-average disbursements can be an excellent hedge against inflation.

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