Structured Settlement - Lump Sum Cash Payout Options

Why wait for your annuity settlement money? Why settle for the restrictions imposed by your deferred payment schedule? has been providing cash payout options to structured settlement recipients for 11+ years. We specialize in alternative cash flow funding for people who simply cannot afford to wait out the terms of their settlement. Request a Free Cash for Structured Settlement Quote.

You have a right to turn any or all of your deferred periodic payments from a structured settlement into the lump sum cash payout you need today.

What are your reasons for choosing cash payout now instead of waiting out the terms of a structured settlement?

  1. Structured settlement deferred payments may not fit into your current plans
  2. Your circumstances have changed and a cash payout would better serve your current financial needs
  3. You need cash now to pay off debts, start a business, buy a house, further education, etc.
  4. You want to take back control of your money
  5. You understand that due to inflation, the value of your future payments will worth be a lot less in later years than they are now
  6. You are eligible to choose full, partial or shared cash payout options on structured settlement arrangements agreed to privately, through a pre-trial settlement, or by a court order.

We can structure a deal to help meet your financial goals:

  1. We can convert lump sum deferred payments into a lump sum cash payment today
  2. We offer the highest cash paymout available for your structured settlement
  3. We provide funding in the shortest amount of time possible
  4. You’ll get the whole story, everything up front
  5. We are available and accessible whenever you need us

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